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Mary Jones was debating on the best means of dropping her current flame.

Her friend ask: "Are you worried because you think he'll tell lies about you?"

Mary answered: "I don't mind the lies, but if he ever tells the truth I will break his neck!"

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Steve met the family doctor on the street.

"I hear your wife has gone to Palm Beach for her health," began the doctor. "What did she have?"

"Eight hundred dollars her father gave her," answered Steve.

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Zack met an old college friend who had never married and ask him about his bachelor status.

Zack: "Tom, haven't you ever met a girl you care for?"

Tom: "Oh yes, just last week I met a girl and fell in love at first sight."

Zack: "What happened? Why didn't you get married?"

Tom: "I took a second look."

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When the new activities director for the rec center walked in, all us retirees quickly took notice. She was 20-something and gorgeous. My buddy whispered, “She makes me wish I was 30 years older.”

“Don’t you mean 30 years younger?” I asked.

“No. If I were 30 years younger, I’d still never have a chance with a woman like that. If I were 30 years older, it wouldn’t bother me so much.”

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