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A man is convinced he has telekinesis. A group of scientists finally agree to test his claim. The man is placed in a room with a cup on an edge of a table. The scientists tell the man to knock the cup off the table using the telekinesis. The man stares with complete and utter focus but with no results.

For weeks the experiment continues, the man sits there staring at the cup with relentless ferocity but nothing happens. Suddenly, without warning, an earthquake strikes, shaking the table and causing the cup to slide off and come crashing down onto the floor. At that, the man turns to the scientists with a smile and says, “See!”

The scientists say, “Yeah, but you didn’t cause the cup to fall, the earthquake did.”

The man says, ”What do you think caused the earthquake?”

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A boy asks his parents for a new computer because his old one is running too slow. His parents tell him it’s not in the budget.

Determined, the boy goes into the kitchen, grabs the microwave and food processor, comes back and begins attaching the two appliances together. His parents see the boy and ask him what he’s doing.

He says, “First I’m building the microprocessor and then I’ll see what else we got lying around.”

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I think the rap world may be shrinking...

It used to be The Notorious B.I.G., Big Pun, Big Daddy Kane, and a big list of others...

Now it is Lil Wayne, Lil Bow Wow, Lil Kim and a long little list of other littles.

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There was a lawyer who was a big U2 fan...

Yeah, he was pro-Bono!

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