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Old man walks up and says, "For sixty years I've been trying to figure out why we vote in November. Finally found the answer this year."

"Why's that?"

"Better selection of turkeys!"

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I've been thinking of a career change. I went to a career counselor and found out in testing that I scored off the charts for having a highly dynamic persona and a great smile.

I was also told I'm not very good at follow through nor do I accomplish much though I do appear to look busy.

Here's the good news! My career counselor told me to "run for public office", even though I'm over qualified!

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"Dad what do you call a lady president?"

"Well son, you call a lady president 'Madam President'."

"If that's what I call a lady president, what would I call a queen?"

"You already know that one son, you call her mom."

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Why do we have elections in November?

Could it be that is the best month to select turkeys?

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