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I was riding my bike when my good friend Aaron stepped off the curb.

Even though I was able to stop, I ran him over. As he got up and examined his bruises, he asked me why I didn't stop.

"I couldn't," I said. "After all, I was running Aarons!"

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A walker was ambling along a jogging course, when he stopped to fill up his one quart water bottle.

When the bottle was almost filled, a runner came by and snatched the almost full bottle.

The startled walker began to follow the jogger in order to get his bottle back.

Hence the term: "Follow the liter!"

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Moe: I think I will make the High School Basketball team.

Joe: Why do you think that?

Moe: My coach said I have a good basketball IQ.

Joe: I think you misunderstood your coach. He said you had the IQ of a basketball.

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After serving for several years in the House of Representatives, Charlie decided to run for a seat in the Senate.

A fellow congressman asked Charlie why he was making this change.

Charlie explained: "My wife wanted me out of the house."

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