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My friend asked me to help him with his crossword puzzle as he was struggling with 4 across.

"What's the clue?" I asked.

"Overworked postman," he said.

"How many letters?"


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The engineering students conspired to make fun of the professor, Mr. Lawrence. They went up to him and said, “Sir, We have invented a device which can help one see through a solid wall.”

Mr. Lawrence asked, “Really? What is that?”

One student said, “A hole.”

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Mrs. Cole, the science teacher, took her students out of school for a social experiment. They arrived at a farmhouse and she placed two buckets in front of a donkey – one filled with water and the other with alcohol.

The donkey drank all the water while leaving the alcohol untouched.

Mrs. Cole asked the students, “What did you learn from this experiment?”

One boy replied, “One who does not drink alcohol is a donkey!”

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It was a sunny morning and I found a pretty red rose with a long stem on the kitchen table.

I was wondering how after all these years of marriage, my husband could still be so romantic There was a small love note placed next to it.

It read – “Darling, please DO NOT touch the rose. I am using it’s stem to unclog the drain.”

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