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What do you call the ritual of giving honorary college degrees to celebrities?

Artificial Intelligence.

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A fellow with a very sore shoulder went to his doctor for a consultation.

"It looks like it's just inflamed," the doctor said as he looked at the x-rays. "A cortisone shot would likely calm done the pain for a while."

"But will it hurt?" the patient asked.

The doctor's responded, "I've given hundreds of these shots, and I've never felt a thing."

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“Are you making any New Year’s Resolutions?” my friend asked.

“Yes. I’ve resolved to stop playing so much polo,” I remarked.

“Since when have you been playing polo?"

“Never. But I figured that is one resolution I could keep!”

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An elderly couple were discussing the news, and the husband read from the paper, "It says, 'After the collapse of FTX, Beyonce could be next.' Why would a singer be in trouble?"

The wife blurts back, "It's Binance, you idiot."

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