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1/12/2023 To 1/19/2023
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The American Academy of Ophthalmology just released a report that stated not enough ophthalmologist will be in practice in the next five years to serve the public need.

They cite the fact that not enough pupils are graduating.

Their past recruiting had been short sighted.

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1/12/2023 To 1/19/2023
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"Trouble with your throat, eh... ever gargle with salt water?"

"Yes, sort of. I nearly drowned while swimming last summer."

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posted by "Arthur Art Will Williams" |
1/12/2023 To 1/19/2023
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While fixing his roof, a man fell off of the ladder. After meeting with his wife later, he told her that four ribs were broken.

"Four ribs broken?!" she gasps. "Which hospital did you go to?"

"I didn't have to go to the hospital." he replies. His wife stares in perplexity. "Four broken ribs and you didn't have to go to the hospital?"

"No, it was the fella I landed on who broke four ribs."

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posted by "Kathy Harrington" |
1/5/2023 To 1/12/2023
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My mate recently got divorced from his wife.

They decided to split the house.

He got the outside.

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