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The police arrested my daughter claiming she had burnt our house down...

But it was arson.

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A kindhearted judge was commiserating with the wife. "Your husband really has a problem. Has he ever tried Alcoholics Anonymous?"

"I'm sure he has," she nodded sadly. "That man will drink anything."

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Once a terrible golfer hit a ball onto an ant hill. He went over the ant hill to hit the ball. No matter how hard he tried, all the golfer managed to do was to hit the ant hill and kill many ants.

At last, only two ants remained. One turned to the other and said, “If we want to stay alive, we’d better get on the ball!”

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A man found a magic lamp with a genie who offered him three wishes.

"For my first wish," he said, "I'd like to be rich."

"Okay, Rich," the genie replied, "what's your second wish?"

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