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Did you hear about the turkey that wore a sweater made out of stuffing?

If felt so nice & warm, that she even wore it inside.

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"How's the new turkey you hired on as temp IT Assistant?"

"Well, she's good at de-bugging, and works for chickenfeed. But her typing is atrocious--all she can do is hunt & peck."

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An extremely vain sorceress zoomed into the local dollar store on her broom, fuming from head-to-toe. “Which one of you morons is responsible for putting my name on your product without my permission? I’m going to turn you into a toad!”

A shuddering young clerk bravely came forward— “I’m extremely sorry ma'am; I honestly thought Witch Hazel was an approved product.”

“You idiot,” screamed the hag. “I’m talking about the Barbie doll!”

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Did you hear about the angler who baited his hook with peanut butter?

All he would catch was jellyfish!

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