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8/28/2020 To 9/4/2020
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Man on phone: Hello, young man, could I speak to your mother or father?

Little Johnny: My parents aren’t home.

Man on phone: Could I leave them a message?

Little Johnny: Sorry, we don’t have an answering machine.

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8/28/2020 To 9/4/2020
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They once created a street called Chuck Norris but had to change it.

No one crosses Chuck Norris and lives!

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posted by "Inigo Montoya" |
8/21/2020 To 8/28/2020
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I accidentally sprayed deodorant in my mouth.

Now when I talk, I have this weird axe scent.

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posted by "Gegg Smith" |
8/21/2020 To 8/28/2020
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Her: “Why do we need walkie-talkies? Our relationship is over.”

Me: “Our relationship is what? Over.”

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