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A man needing some legal help walks into a law firm. He asks an attorney,
"If I give you $300 per hour to help answer two legal problems I have, will you help me?" The attorney replies "Sure, what's the other question?"
Thanks to: Mark O.
rec.:Oct/18/1998    pub.:Oct/18/1998    sent:Oct/18/1998

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Three friends - a surgeon, an engineer, and a politician - were discussing which of their professions was the oldest. The surgeon said "Eve was created from Adam's rib - a surgical procedure." The engineer replied: "before Adam and Eve, order was created out of chaos, and that was an engineering job." The politician said, "Yes, but who do you suppose created the chaos?"
Thanks to: Edward Burman
rec.:Apr/23/1998    pub.:Apr/23/1998    sent:Apr/23/1998

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Your Honor,” began the defense attorney, “my client has been characterized as an incorrigible bank robber, without a single socially redeeming feature. I intend to disprove that.”
“And how will you accomplish this?” the judge inquired.
“By proving beyond a shadow of a doubt,” replied the lawyer, “that the note my client handed the teller was on recycled paper.”
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Jul/20/2002    pub.:Jul/20/2002

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A man was checking his itemised lawyers bill. One item read:-
Spotted you across the street. Crossed over to discuss a legal point in your case. When I got there it was not you after all. 20 dollars
Thanks to: Ivan - United Kingdom
rec.:Apr/30/2015    pub.:Jun/22/2015    sent:Sep/8/2015

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