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How many personal injury lawyers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Three. One to change the bulb, one to shake him off the ladder, and one to sue the ladder company.
Thanks to: Alan Oberholz
rec.:Nov/24/1998    pub.:Nov/24/1998    sent:Nov/24/1998

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A defendant was asked if he wanted a bench trial or a jury trial. “Jury trial,” the defendant replied. “Do you understand the difference?” asked the judge. “Sure,” replied the defendant. “That’s where twelve ignorant people decide my fate instead of one.”
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Jan/22/2010    pub.:Jan/22/2010    sent:Feb/5/2010

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Q: What is the difference between a lawyer and a cat?
A: One is an arrogant creature that will claw you out of house and money, and the other is a cat.
Thanks to: Travis - Seabrook - Texas - USA.
rec.:Feb/25/2008    pub.:Mar/12/2008    sent:Jan/5/2010

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A man goes to see his lawyer to prepare his will. At the first meeting, the lawyer takes all the information down, and sends the man home, telling him to come see him again in two weeks.
Two weeks later, the man comes back, reads the will and signs it in front of three witnesses. The lawyer says: "That will be $100." (This is an old joke.)
The man pays him, shakes his hand and leaves.
The lawyer looks down in his hand and notices not one but two $100 bills, and so, he faces a serious ethical dilemma.
Do you know what the dilemma is?

Does he tell his partner, or not?
Thanks to: Marc Jacobson - USA.
rec.:Jan/12/2002    pub.:Jan/20/2002

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