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A truck driver was driving along on the freeway and noticed a sign that
read: Low Bridge Ahead. Before he knows it, the bridge is right in front
of him and his truck gets wedged under it. Cars are backed up for miles.

Finally a police car comes up. The cop gets out of his car and walks to
the truck driver, puts his hands on his hips and says, 'Got stuck, huh?' The
truck driver says, 'No, I was delivering this bridge and I ran out of gas.'

Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Mar/23/2009    pub.:Mar/23/2009    sent:Jul/31/2009

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Policeman: "Did you get the license number of the car that knocked you down?"
Pedestrian: "No, but I know who it was. My mother-in-law!"
Policeman: "How can you be so certain?"
Pedestrian: "I’d recognize that laugh anywhere!"
Thanks to: kimmi - nottingham - nottinghamshire - United Kingdom
rec.:Jul/24/2003    pub.:Aug/19/2003    sent:Dec/2/2012

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This guy was pulled over for running a stop sign. When the cop checked the man's driver's license, he said, "You're wearing glasses on your ID and you're not now. I'm going to have to give you a ticket."
The guy said, "Officer, I have contacts."
The cop said, "Look, buddy, I don't care who you know, ... I'm giving you a ticket."
Thanks to: Walter Smith
rec.:Dec/13/1998    pub.:Dec/13/1998    sent:Jul/12/2012

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Shut Up and Trouble were walking down a path. Trouble got lost. So, Shut Up went to the police officer. The police officer asked, "What's your name?"
He answered, "Shut Up."
He asked again "What's your name?"
"Shut Up."
The police officer asked, "Are you looking for trouble?!"
"Yeah, I lost him down a path about two miles ago."
Thanks to: Ccay - Paw Paw - Michigan - USA.
rec.:Sep/15/1999    pub.:Sep/15/1999    sent:Dec/7/2013

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