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At the first hole on a golf course, a man tees off and hits a hard drive, but the ball hooks badly and goes off the course entirely. The man figures it's a lost ball, puts another ball down and starts again. He plays nine holes when a policeman comes up to him:
"Sir, did you lose a ball a while back?"
"Yes, I did. Why?"
"Well, sir, I'm afraid I've got some bad news for you. You see, your ball struck a cyclist, causing him to swerve right into the path of an oncoming bus. The bus hit the cyclist and then rammed head-on into a truck coming from the opposite direction. At the moment the casualties are twenty-one dead and we don't know how many injured."
The man says, "Oh, this is dreadful!.... I ... I had no idea.... is there anything I can do?"
"Well, sir, the next time you want to hold the club a little more to the right, like this..."
Thanks to: Debbie G
rec.:Feb/10/2001    pub.:Feb/10/2001    sent:Feb/10/2001

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Q: How do men exercise at the beach?
A: Every time they see a bikini they suck their belly in
Thanks to: Someone - i don't know - i don't know - Australia
rec.:Nov/7/2002    pub.:Feb/7/2003

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A football coach had a star quarterback who was as dumb as a post. The only way the kid could stay on the team would be to pass all his classes, which was impossible. All his teachers agreed to go easy on him except for one, his math teacher. The coach begged the math teacher to not fail the kid. The math teacher agreed to give the boy an oral exam which, if he passed, would count for class credit. The coach came to the exam to support his star athlete. The math teacher asked only one question for the exam: "What is two plus two?"
"Four," the athlete answered.
The football coach went into a panic and yelled, "Give him another chance! Just one more chance!"
Thanks to: Edward Burman
rec.:Jun/9/1998    pub.:Jun/9/1998    sent:Jun/9/1998

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Dad: "What happened to your eye?"
Tom: "I was staring at a ball from afar, and I was wondering why it was getting bigger and bigger. Then, it hit me."
Thanks to: Joshua - Singapore
rec.:Sep/23/2005    pub.:Sep/27/2005    sent:Nov/21/2005

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