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At the weekly senior lunch, it came time for diners to share positive family stories. Grandpa was hard pressed and had to reach for a good one.

As he cleared his throat he said, "My grandson, in his first three little league games of the season, he has three no-hit games!"

"Wow!" Came of voice from the back. "Sounds like he's gonna be a great pitcher!"

After a pause, Grandpa stuttered, "Well, I meant as a batter..."

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What did one disgruntled cardboard fake fan say to another?

"I wasn't cut out for this!"

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Two guys were walking past an outdoor basketball court.

"You want to play Horse?" asked one guy.

His friend replied, "Sure, I guess... but only if I get to be the front legs."

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A father and his six-year-old son were watching a football game on TV.

After a particular bad play the father exploded, “Just look at that stupid halfback! He’s fumbled three times and every time the other team has recovered the football. Why do they let an idiot like that play in the game?”

The little boy thought for a moment and offered an explanation. “Daddy,” he said, “maybe it’s his ball.”

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