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At this week's family history and tradition class, the teacher asked the young class how to describe old folks.

Olivia raised her hand and answered, "Over the Hill."

"Yes, good answer," said the teacher.

"Yes, Johnny, do you have another nickname?"

"Long in the Toot," Johnny responded.

The teacher corrected him. "You meant Long in the Tooth, didn't you?"

"Not at all, you never been behind my Grandpa, have you?"

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As I scratch off my numbers on my ticket, I get to thinking. Can a person be rich even with little or no money?

Money is said to buy happiness and the rich are happy, right? The rich never worry nor are they greedy, right? The rich need personal security to protect them and their assets, right? The rich don’t need walls to protect their property, right? The rich never have family asking for financial support, right? The rich contribute great amounts to help others, right? The rich are smarter, right? Being rich attracts great and genuine love, right?

Wait a second... Hold on... I just won the lottery… I JUST WON THE LOTTERY!!!

Just ignore the above!

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Hey, have you heard about the latest anonymous sperm bank being established by the State of Indiana?

It will be called "Hoosier Daddy!"

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At the weekly senior lunch, it came time for diners to share positive family stories. Grandpa was hard pressed and had to reach for a good one.

As he cleared his throat he said, "My grandson, in his first three little league games of the season, he has three no-hit games!"

"Wow!" Came of voice from the back. "Sounds like he's gonna be a great pitcher!"

After a pause, Grandpa stuttered, "Well, I meant as a batter..."

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