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Question: What do you get when you play a country and western record backwards?
Answer: You get your dog back, your car back and your wife loves you again!
Thanks to: Bruce Wilson - Melbourne - Victoria - Australia
rec.:Jan/26/1999    pub.:Jan/26/1999    sent:Jan/26/1999

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Q. What is a conservative?
A. A conservative is an X-liberal that got mugged.
Thanks to: Antonio DaSilva - Yonkers - NY - USA.
rec.:Nov/19/2002    pub.:Mar/28/2003

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At a construction site on the 80th floor of a high rise building, the lone conservative on the crew was having a heated political discussion with the liberals on the project. Deciding to take a break, he called everyone over to the edge of the roof. "Did you know," he began, "that there are extremely violent invisible updrafts that are able to keep a body floating in mid-air? They only occur at certain times during the day between buildings. Here, I'll show you!" He then leaped off the side of the building, and with arms spread-eagle, floated effortlessly on an unseen cushion of air, and then gradually steered himself back to the safety of the roof. "That's awesome," one of the left-wingers shouted. "I want to try it." "Me too," another cried, and then another, and as they leaped over the side of the roof, one after the other, they fell 80 floors straight down to the ground, SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT!
A crowd rushed over to witness the carnage, and while doing so, one of the spectators looked up and remarked, "Boy, Clark Kent sure hates liberals!"
Thanks to: Alan Valentine - Avoca - Michigan - USA.
rec.:Nov/21/2013    pub.:Nov/29/2013    sent:Jan/30/2015

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Two old-time political aides are walking through a shabby, overgrown cemetery, writing down names from the headstones.
One of the men works very fast, stopping only by upright stones where he can read the names clearly.
The other works deliberately, gone from one stone to the next, kneeling down and clearing away the grass and wiping away the grime in order to see the name clearly.
"Why are you spending so much time doing that?" the first man asked.
"I'll tell you," the second man said. "This is a free country with a Constitution and everything. Each one of the people has as much right as the next to cast his vote."
Thanks to: Ego Nemo - USA.
rec.:Dec/18/2009    pub.:Jan/4/2010    sent:Jan/13/2010

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