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Two old-time political aides are walking through a shabby, overgrown cemetery, writing down names from the headstones.
One of the men works very fast, stopping only by upright stones where he can read the names clearly.
The other works deliberately, gone from one stone to the next, kneeling down and clearing away the grass and wiping away the grime in order to see the name clearly.
"Why are you spending so much time doing that?" the first man asked.
"I'll tell you," the second man said. "This is a free country with a Constitution and everything. Each one of the people has as much right as the next to cast his vote."
Thanks to: Ego Nemo - USA.
rec.:Dec/18/2009    pub.:Jan/4/2010    sent:Jan/13/2010

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A teacher in a political science class asked the students, "Who is the most powerful person in the US?"
A student answered, "The First Pet?"
The teacher then asked, "Why?"
The student explained, "Because, the president kneels before him, talks to him, listens to him, follows him, prefers him to office staff, looks after his wellbeing before the voters', cancels/defers official duties in favor of him, and boards Airforce One first."
Thanks to: Taxpayer - USA.
rec.:Jul/7/2012    pub.:May/28/2013    sent:Jul/7/2013

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When the maintenance men removed the 10 Commandments from the courthouse, nobody said anything - until the statue fell off the dolly and cracked a little. Everybody yelled, "Run!"
Thanks to: Fred Imel - Oklahoma City - OK - United States Minor Outlying Islands
rec.:Aug/28/2003    pub.:Sep/12/2003    sent:Apr/5/2004

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Q: Who is the opposite of a Supreme Court Justice?
A: Antonym Scalia
Thanks to: Kendrick P Caranicas - North Hollywood - CA - USA.
rec.:Sep/9/2013    pub.:Nov/5/2013

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