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An Old man went to the doctor complaining of a terrible pain in his leg. “I am afraid it’s just old age”, replied the doctor, “there is nothing we can do about it.” “That can’t be” fumed the old man, “you don’t know what you are doing.” “How can you possibly know I am wrong?” countered the doctor. “Well it’s quite obvious,” the old man replied, “my other leg is fine, and it’s the exact same age!”
Thanks to: Stan - USA.
rec.:Jun/23/2012    pub.:May/28/2013    sent:Jun/2/2013

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It was the middle of the night. Suddenly there was a loud rapping on the doctor’s door, followed by a groan. The doctor angrily thrust his head out of the window. “WELL?” he shouted.
“No,” moaned the man. “Sick.”
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Feb/2/2010    pub.:Feb/2/2010    sent:Jul/6/2010

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A man goes to see his doctor because of a problem he is having concerning his memory. The man tells the doctor "I have been having lots of problems remembering things that happened in the past couple of hours, you know, my short term memory." The doctor replies "How long has this been going on?” The puzzled man looks back at the doctor and says "How long has what been going on?"
Thanks to: Tom - USA.
rec.:Jan/14/2004    pub.:Jan/19/2004    sent:Mar/9/2004

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A man goes to the hospital for its brain scan.
According to the results:
In his left brain no one's right
And in his right brain nothing's left
Thanks to: Sherwin Aquino - San Juan, Metro Manila - Philippines
rec.:Jul/24/2003    pub.:Aug/19/2003    sent:Sep/24/2003

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