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A man walks into a doctor’s office with a stick of celery in one ear, a carrot in the other and a grape up his nose. Confused, the man asks: "Doctor what's wrong with me?" The doctor looks at the man and replies: "You're not eating properly!"
Thanks to: Anonymous
rec.:Jun/21/2001    pub.:Jun/21/2001    sent:Mar/11/2010

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A man is surprised to receives a call from his doctor.
The doctor says, "I'm sorry, but I have some bad news and some worse news."
"Well, alright, give me the bad news first," said the man.
"Well," said the doctor, "The bad news is that you only have 24 hours to live."
"Holy Cow! That is some bad news!" the man exclaimed. "What news could be worse than that?" he asked.
"The worse news is that I have been trying to reach you since yesterday."
Thanks to: Lindsey Christensen - USA.
rec.:Nov/7/2001    pub.:Dec/9/2001    sent:Jul/11/2012

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A psychiatrist's secretary walks into his study and says,
"There's a gentleman in the waiting room asking to see you.
Claims he's invisible."

The psychiatrist responds, "Tell him I can't see him."
Thanks to: sleepykid500 - NY - USA.
rec.:Nov/3/2006    pub.:Nov/13/2006    sent:Feb/12/2010

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A guy tells his psychiatrist, “I always have this weird dream at night. I am locked in a room with a door on which there is a sign. I try to push it with all my strength, but no matter how hard I try, it won’t budge." The psychiatrist muses, “Interesting." But tell me what does the sign on the door say? The guy replies, “It says 'Pull'”!!!
Thanks to: Shamash Kunwar - India
rec.:May/1/2011    pub.:May/6/2011    sent:Nov/4/2011

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