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A woman went to her dentist to have her dentures adjusted for the fifth time.
She said they still didn’t fit. “Well,” said the dentist “I’ll do it again this time, but no more. There’s no reason why these shouldn’t fit your mouth easily.”
“Who said anything about my mouth?” he woman answered.
“They don’t fit in the glass!”
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Jul/20/2002    pub.:Jul/20/2002

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Pointing to a super train set, an old man said to the shop clerk, “I’ll take it.”
“I’m sure your grandson will like it, sir,” said the clerk.
“I suppose you are right,” sighed the old man, “You’d better give me two.”
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Feb/10/2004    pub.:Feb/10/2004    sent:May/15/2004

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In 1997 at the age of 87 and not acquainted with modern technology, Ruth was given a "cordless" phone by her son. He lived 1500 miles away. After setting it up and showing her how to use it he went home and called her. "How is your new phone working, Mom." Her reply astonished him. "Oh we took it back. It wouldn't work. It did not even have a cord."
Thanks to: Garry Prather - Bonsall - CA - United States Minor Outlying Islands
rec.:Aug/16/2011    pub.:Nov/7/2011    sent:May/4/2013

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An elderly man who denies he is being forgetful was asked by his wife to get a cup of coffee at midnight. "Oh sure my dear, and what else?" "That's it honey, the last time you got me a coffee, you forgot to put sugar and cream," the old wife remarked. "That's not true, for as long as I can remember, I do not forget anything,” boasts the grandpa. "OK sweetheart, in that case, please get me some cookies too," was the sweet reply of grandma. "As you wish my dear," says the hubby, then he adds, "by the way, how do I go to the kitchen?"
Thanks to: edwin ventura - Philippines
rec.:Jun/30/2005    pub.:Jul/8/2005    sent:Aug/28/2005

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