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Three rather deaf friends meet on the street; “Windy, isn’t it? Said one. “No, it’s Thursday,” said the second. “So am I,” said the third. “Let’s go and have a beer.”

Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Apr/28/2010    pub.:Apr/28/2010    sent:Jul/27/2014

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Carl asked, “Got anything to cure fleas on a dog?”
“That depends,” the slow-minded vet replied.
“What’s wrong with them?”
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rec.:Aug/4/2005    pub.:Aug/4/2005    sent:Sep/22/2005

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Bob goes with his friend, a comedian, to a comedian's meeting. When they get there, one of the men stands up and shouts out "34!” and all the other comedians laugh hysterically. Bob turns to his friend and says "I don't get what was so funny!” and his friend explains to him that the Comedians' Guild has assigned each joke a number to make them easier to tell.
All through dinner, the members of the Guild stand up and say numbers, and every time, everyone laughs, so Bob decides to give it a try. He stands up, and shouts out his favorite number: "54!" Dead silence.
Bob turns to his friend and asks "What did I do wrong? When ever you do it, they laugh!" And his friend answered, "You didn't tell it well."
Thanks to: Jeeves - United Kingdom
rec.:Jul/5/2002    pub.:Oct/8/2002

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The reading material at the barbershop consisted entirely of murder stores, mysteries, thrillers, and ghost tales.
When Peter asked the barber if he wanted to terrify his customers he replied.
“No Peter. These books make the customers’ hair stand up and then it becomes
easier to trim and cut.”
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Jul/20/2002    pub.:Jul/20/2002

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