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John: "Hey Rick, why are you standing below the tube light with your mouth open?"

Rick: "Because the doctor told me to have a light dinner, but I don't think this is working."

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Boy to boy: 1 minute
Boy to dad: 30 seconds

Boy to mom: 2 minutes
Boy to girl: 1 hour

Girl to girl: 2 hours
Girl to boy: 1 Missed call

Husband to wife: 15 seconds
Wife to husband: 15 missed calls

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Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons...

For you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

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A new student from France starts his first day in an American school. After class he is given his first assignment to write down 3 things of anything he sees that he likes and then bring it to class and share the next day. As he walks home from school he sees an airplane take off, so he writes down “Take off”.

He then makes his way past a daycare center that had pictures of animals in the windows so he chooses and writes down “Zebra”. Then out of the daycare center walks a mother holding her baby so he writes down “Baby”.

The next day, he is asked to stand in front of the class and read his list. He smoothly says in his French accent, “Take off, zebra, baby!”

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