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Store keeper: Good morning Sir! How may I help you?

Customer: Why is this water bottle cost so much? It's $20 per liter!

Store Keeper: Sir, this is pure water from an ancient glacier of the Alps. That's why it is very costly.

Customer: Pure water from the Alps, huh? Then why is the date of expiration September 2017?

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MAN: Have you finished ironing my silk shirt?

BUTLER: Yes, sir.

MAN: Then please bring it here. I have to get dressed!

BUTLER: Sir, I was ironing and someone knocked on the door. I went to open it and when I came back I could smell something burning....

MAN: Don't tell me you've burnt my shirt!

BUTLER: I... yes, I did.

MAN: Oh, no! Fortunately I have another silk shirt in the cupboard.

BUTLER: I know that, sir. That's why I cut it up and patched up the one I burnt!

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The majority of people in the world understand that in order to become a highly successful, professional athlete or Olympian, one must endure grueling hours of training, strict discipline, physical pain, profuse sweating, and very often severe cases of Athlete's Foot.

This in turn leads me to say, that the familiar, old adage needs to be changed to... "The Thrill Of Victory And The Smell Of De-feet!"

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Irony- getting CPR from someone with bad breath!

The one that is trying to make you breathe, is the same one that is taking your breath away.

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