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Why did Frankie Avalon get fired from his moonlighting job as a high wire walker in the circus?

Because he refused to perform without Annette.

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Q: Why is Peter Pan always flying?

A: Because he never-lands.

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If Ivana Trump divorced Donald and then married musician Neil Diamond then she would be Ivana Diamond.

If she then divorced Neil Diamond and then she married pro golfer Jack Nicklaus then she would be Ivana Diamond Nicklaus.

If she then divorced Jack Nicklaus and then she married former Mets pitcher Ron Darling then she would be Ivana Diamond Nicklaus Darling.

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A man was invited to a wedding. When he reached the hotel, he found two doors written on them...
1.Bride relatives
2.groom relatives

He entered the groom door and found two doors again.
1. Ladies
2. Men

He entered men door and found two doors again.
1.People with gifts
2.People without gifts

He entered the second door (people without gifts )... He found himself outside the hotel.

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