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A husband returned home drunk late night. His wife opened the door. He said, " Sorry honey. I couldn't stop finishing a bottle whose brand name was same as yours!"

The next day the wife served breakfast. The man complained, "Oh honey, there's so much salt in this dish..."

The wife replied, "Sorry honey. I couldn't stop myself adding more salt since the brand name was same as yours."

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"If you put your hand in your right pocket and found 25 rupees, and put your hand in the left pocket and found 50 rupees, what would you do?"

"I would immediately rush to my tailor and ask him to stitch more pockets on my trousers!"

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A young boy was walking home after school when he saw a small puppy.

He picked it up & touched it. Then he touched it again. He touched it once again, touched and
touched and touched, and then he finished touching.

Like I said in the beginning, A Very Touching Story.

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John: Ants really work hard. They work and work and never play.

Peter: Then how come every time I go for a picnic, THERE they are?

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