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Film Producer: I am going to make a movie. Can you suggest a 'heart-touching' title?

Scriptwriter: I got it... Stethoscope!

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Man: What, according to you, is Philosophy?

Friend: Philosophy are the ideas that act as guides for the best ways to live.

Man: So do you follow them?

Friend: No. I want everyone else to follow.

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A motivational speaker, while addressing his audience, talked about the various achievements man has made today.

He said, "Today, man has built a ship to cross an ocean, fastest trains to travel across cities, and built planes to fly high in the skies like a bird..."

A gentleman from the audience interrupted, "Any yet, a man still cannot sit on a barbed wire like a bird does!"

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Mr. Sharma: ”When I die, love, I want to be cremated.”

Mrs. Sharma: ”That is a good idea, dear. The gold in your teeth ought to pay all the expenses.”

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