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Two book covers read...

'The Reign Of A Magnificent Empire' by Ima King


'My Mirage' by I. C. Water

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Knock, Knock! {It's very hard & loud}

Who is it?


Who the heck is Op? Sorry, but I don't know of anyone by that name now go away!

Hey! It's Opportunity, and I only knock but once you fool!

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What did the big, mean tiger shark say to the tiny crustacean?

"Get outta my way shrimp!"

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Jenny: "That's a really cool tattoo. dude!"

Jimmy: "Thanks, I got it from my Doctor."

Jenny: "Your doctor?"

Jimmy: "Yeah... he does this on the side to pay the bills and also holds a Ph.D. in Psychology."

Jenny: "Great, so not only does he get into your head, but he also gets under your skin!"

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