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A sign posted on the door of a local dental office read:

"We do Fillings, Cleanings and Extractions ONLY! That's the TOOTH, the whole TOOTH, and nothing but the TOOTH... so help me God."

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A Judge sentences the same repeat offender to prison for life this time, because of a white collar crime that he was found guilty of by a jury. The man is greeted by the same Corrections Officer that he first met twenty years ago.

Guard: "Well, look who's back again! You just can't stay out of trouble, now can you?"

Inmate: "You need to be more appreciative and thankful for my return."

Guard: "Really now! And why is that?"

Inmate: "Because without people like me in this world, you'd be out of a job!"

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Investing money in the Stock Market is the equivalent of a hair-raising roller coaster ride...

You just never know what the final expression is going to be on people's faces until it stops!

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You know the job market is really bad when you can't even get hired as a volunteer!

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