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John: "Hey Rick, why are you standing below the tube light with your mouth open?"

Rick: "Because the doctor told me to have a light dinner, but I don't think this is working."

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Teacher: "Hello, students! Can anyone tell me, what does the green dot on a 'Tiger Biscuit Packet' indicate?

After a few seconds of silence, one student replies.

"Hello, ma'am. The green dot means that the Tiger is 'Online'."

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Store keeper: Good morning Sir! How may I help you?

Customer: Why is this water bottle cost so much? It's $20 per liter!

Store Keeper: Sir, this is pure water from an ancient glacier of the Alps. That's why it is very costly.

Customer: Pure water from the Alps, huh? Then why is the date of expiration September 2017?

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