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What do you call a person wearing ear plugs?

Anything you want. They can't hear you.

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Three comedians are shooting the breeze in the dressing room of a nightclub after a late gig. They've heard one another’s material so much that they've reached the point where they don’t need to say the jokes anymore to amuse each other, they just need to refer to each joke by a number.

“Number 37!” cracks the first comic, and the others break up.

“Number 53!” says the second person, and they howl.

Finally, it’s the third comic’s turn. “44!” he quips. He gets nothing. Crickets.

“What?” he asks, “Isn't 44 funny?”

“Sure, it’s usually hilarious,” they answer. “But the way you tell it…”

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Photographer: "Now say cheese!!!"

Dumb Girl: "Actually, I am dieting, so can I say oats or something that's a little healthier?"

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"What would you like for your birthday?"

"Nothing would make me happier than a guitar!"

"Great, I'll get you nothing then."

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