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Teacher: "I have went. That's wrong isn't it?"

Little Johnny: "Yes ma'am."

Teacher: "Why is it wrong?"

Little Johnny: "Because you ain't went yet."

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A stranger accosted an Irishman walking along a roadway in New Jersey. "Say, Pat, how far is it to Newark?"

"How did ye know my name?"

"I guessed it."

"Thin guess how far it is to Newark."

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One Sunday afternoon, President Coolidge was returning to the White House after attending church. He had gone alone, so upon arrival Mrs. Coolidge inquired:

"Was the sermon good?"

"Yes," he answered.

"What was it about?"


"What did the minister say?"

"He was against it."

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"Trouble with your throat, eh... ever gargle with salt water?"

"Yes, sort of. I nearly drowned while swimming last summer."

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