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Today I found out that Dwayne Johnson lives in the apartment above mine.

Can’t believe that for years I've been living under a Rock.

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A star-struck young lady was invited to a Hollywood Christmas party. She spied a star she was sure she knew and went up to him.

“I’m a huge fan!” she said. “Could I touch your neck?”

The actor stepped back and said, “What are you talking about?"

She blurted, “Aren’t you Zach Woods?”

“No, I’m James Woods!” he answered with some annoyance.

“I’m so sorry,” she confessed. “I guess I was in the wrong neck of the woods.”

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The Terminator movie, the Kennedy family and an Anabolic Steroid walked into a bar.

They were arguing loudly. The bartender said: "Keep it down. What you are arguing about?"

“We can’t agree which one of us made Arnold Schwarzenegger big.”

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Rob Schneider says he would sacrifice his career in support of his political beliefs.

I don't know what his beliefs are, but frankly, that's not really much of a sacrifice.

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