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Category: Computer Jokes
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Q: Why did the computer lose its trust relationship with the domain?
A: Because it was corrupted in active directory and needed to be removed and re-added again!!!!
Thanks to: Kieran Davenport - United Kingdom
rec.:Nov/25/2013    pub.:Nov/29/2013    sent:Jan/19/2015

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One of the courses I taught when I was a college professor was Freshman English. To my first class of students I described the basic parts of an essay: "Remember, the three parts of an essay are the Introduction, the Body, and the Confusion".
Thanks to: Janet Byron Anderson PhD - USA.
rec.:Nov/13/2013    pub.:Nov/29/2013    sent:Oct/23/2014

Category: Business Jokes
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An Israeli author was searching for a book store that would allow him to schedule a booksigning to promote his new novel. Book store after book store refused him with one disapproving commment after the other. Finally, the author seized on the idea that he should contact the specialty stores for his proposed booksigning. He had the idea to contact a feminist book store and his call was screened by the store's assistant manager. Upon insistence, by the author, that he speak directly with the manager; an angry manager took the phone to explain why the author was being refused a booksigning. "IT'S BECAUSE THE HEBREW WORD FOR: SHE!....IS: HE!" And with those words the author heard a telephone being slammed down loudly, in his ear.
Thanks to: Sheryl Huberman - Israel
rec.:Nov/22/2013    pub.:Nov/29/2013    sent:Dec/2/2013

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A man walks into a bar, and tells the bartender to pour him a 12 year old single malt scotch "before the trouble starts." The bartender pours his drink and quietly moves away.
After finishing his drink, the man calls the bartender back and tells him "pour me a 15 year old scotch before the trouble starts." The bartender thinks this is very strange but pours him the 15 year old scotch.
After finishing that drink, the man tells the bartender to pour him an 18 year old scotch "before the trouble starts." The bartender is becoming a little worried, but pours him the 18 year old scotch.
Before the man finishes his 18 year old scotch, the bartender finally gets up the nerve to ask: "Say friend, when this trouble is going to start?" To which the man replies: "The trouble starts, when you find out that I don't have any money."
Thanks to: Barry Foster - Indianapolis - IN - USA.
rec.:Sep/23/2013    pub.:Nov/29/2013    sent:Jan/2/2014

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