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Online Teacher: Johnny, you didn't complete the assignment I sent to your email box last week. Did you get the email?

Johnny: You'll have to ask the N.S.A., they read my emails so I don't need to. I figured if an email is important they'll let me know.

Teacher: Tell the N.S.A. they're getting an incomplete on this assignment and they better pay closer attention next time or they'll fail my class.

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Mother: Stop that water fighting!

Son: She started it!

Daughter: I did not!

Mother: There’s only one way to settle this... divide the pool in half and each of you stay in your half.

Son: That’s okay with me... I’ll take the top half!

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Some of my friends started a company built around an innovative idea for an online business. A debate broke out about what to name the venture.

"We have to call it Imagination," one passionate participant cried out.

Everyone thought the idea over for a minute, and then a voice of reason replied, "Are you sure you want your business card to read 'Imagination, Limited'?"

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What do you call a priest who returns stuff to the store?

Holy redeemer.

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