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One way to find out if you're old is to fall in front of a group of people...

If they laugh, you're young!

If they panic and start running toward you, you're old.

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First Student: "Great Scott! I've forgotten who wrote 'Ivanhoe'?"

Second Student: "I'll tell you if you tell me who the dickens wrote 'A Tale of Two Cities'?"

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The prizefighter and the lady, out on a blind date, were dining at a Broadway night club.

"You have such shell like ears, so thin and delicate, but..." he added teasing, "that's an indication of a weak character, isn't it?"

"I don't know about that," she came back, "but I do know that thick ears are a sign of a weak defense."

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My wife said that my granddaughter has me wrapped around her little finger.

I said, "That's not true. I said 'no' to her just yesterday."

"What did she ask you?"

"She asked me if there was anything I wouldn't give her."

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