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Someone just called my phone, sneezed and then hung up.

I’m getting sick and tired of these cold calls.

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The cost of Halloween Candy is up 13.1% since last year, and to make matters worse, they're giving us less in every package.

For example, Good 'n Plenty is now Not Bad 'N A Couple.

The $100,000 Bar is now the $27 Bite.

Then, of course, there's the new 2 Musketeers bar.

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Two robbers steal a goat and two chickens.

They decide to split the loot so one robber says to the other, "You take one chicken, and me and the goat will take the other one."

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Two beefy men came to my house to install some new floor covering in the kitchen. Once they had moved the stove and refrigerator out of the way, it was not long before the job was done.

As they were getting ready to leave, I asked them to put the heavy appliances back in place.

The two men demanded $45 for this service, stating it was not in their contract.

I really had no choice but to pay them.

As soon as they left, however, the doorbell rang. It was the two men. They asked me to move my car, which was blocking their van.

I told them my fee was $45.

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