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What do you call it when your mother's sisters all gather at a funeral to avenge your death?

Vigil Aunties

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Did you know that Spiderman has a winter jacket made entirely of Mediterranean flat bread?

It's a Pita Parka.

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Sherry is walking through the zoo when she notices Bill throwing $10 bills in the monkey cage.

Curious, she walks closer and asks, "Bill, what are you doing? Why are you giving the monkeys money?"

"The sign by the gate says it was okay," he replies.

Sherry looks at him quizzically, "It did?"

"Yes, it said, 'Do not feed. $10 fine.'"

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A preacher stood up before his congregation and said, "I have so much to say, I don't know where to begin."

Someone in the pew shouted, "How about somewhere close to the end?"

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