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My daughter was doing her homework and asked me what I knew about Galileo.

I, proudly and confidently, told her that he was just a poor boy from a poor family.

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Might wake up early and go running tomorrow.

I also might win the lottery.

Odds are about the same.

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I was introduced to a new guy at work. I said, "What’s your name?"


"Your parents named you pole?“


So I kept calling him Pole. At the end of the day another co-worker asked me, “Why are you calling him that?" So I explained why.

My co-worker just looked at me... "He’s from England. His name is Paul!

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Grandson: Why did the elephant where red sneakers?

Me: I don't know.

Grandson: So he could hide in the cherry tree. Did you ever see an elephant in a cherry tree?

Me: No.

Grandson: See, it works.

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