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Teen #1: I took the girl you set me up with to a matinee, we watched the Wizard of Oz. Afterwards we went to brunch.

Teen #2: Sounds great, will there be a second date?

Teen #1: I don’t think so, during the meal she kept clicking her heels together three times.

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French Chef: How do our French dishes compare with your American ones?

Tourist: They break just as easily.

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An older couple went to dinner at a trendy restaurant that had no printed menus--just a scannable QR code to see the menu on your phone.

After much grumbling about new-fangled things, they ordered a light dinner and afterward the waiter delivered the check.

When the waiter came back for payment, the husband displayed his phone to the waiter showing an image of a $100 bill.

"Here. You can keep the change."

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I'm absolutely heartbroken. My Wife just broke up with me over my chronic gambling addiction...

... But it's okay, I'll win her back.

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