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Little Johnny's mother is making dinner when Johnny runs up to her, sobbing uncontrollably. "Mom, Mom! I just cleaned my room!" he exclaims.

"Why, that's wonderful dear!" his mother replies. "But why does that make you so unhappy?"

"Because I still can't find my snake!"

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My friend bought a bus pass to a nude beach.

It turned out to be a ticket to no wear.

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I was arguing with a guy at a bar. He said he was a big pop star in the 80s.

I didn’t believe him, but he was adamant…

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"You are late for golf again Dave."

"Yes, well-being a Sunday, I had to toss a coin to see if I should go to church or go and play golf."

"Okay, but why are you so late?"

"I had to toss it 15 times!"

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