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A team leader of the Police Unit directed officers to strategic positions around a building late one night. It was believed a dangerous suspect was hiding out within the area.

Believing the culprit to be on the roof, the lead decided to have an officer shine his flash-light in that direction.

At just the right moment, he whispered, "Okay, throw a light on the roof."

The officer hurled his flashlight to the top of the building.

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Whenever my wife uses the phrase, "I was thinking... "

That means I either have to move, build, paint, or buy something."

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My mate asked me to do a charity 5 mile run.

I said no.

He then told me it was for blind and disabled people.

I then thought, I could actually win this.

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Have you heard of the dyslexic cow who attained enlightenment?

It kept on repeating OOOOMMM!

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