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After months of searching, Pat found a job in electrical engineering. Pat traveled to various locales to analyze and fix problems with his company’s equipment. Yet it frustrated him that his employer gave him little training.

One day Pat heard about some training classes coming up and asked his boss if he might attend.

“For sure,” his boss said. “I was already planning on sending you."

"You were?"

"Oh yes, who do you think is going to be teaching it?”

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Son: "Mom, do fairies fly?"

Mom: "Yes honey, they do. Why do you ask?"

Kid: "This morning dad told the maid that she looks like Tinkerbell, the fairy. Does that mean she will fly too?"

Mom: "Oh yes, she will fly right out of this house!"

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What do you call a Santa Claus who has no money?

Saint Nickel-less!

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You know its going to be a bad day if:

You put your bra on backwards, and it fits better.

Your car horn goes off accidentally, and remains stuck while you’re following a group of Hell’s angels.

You see a ’60 minutes’ team waiting in your office

The boss tells you not to bother taking off your coat.

The bird singing outside your window is a vulture.

Your blind date turns out to be your wife.

Your twin forgot your birthday.

Your Income Tax check bounces.

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