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Three farmers chat. The first one tells, "I have grown such a big apple that when I put it on a chair, it broke down."

The second one says, "I have grown an even bigger apple! When I put it on a table, it broke."

The third one says, "I grew an extremely big apple. I put it in a carriage..."

The two farmers interrupt, "Did it break???"

"No, a worm got out of it and ate the horse!"

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When a neighbor's home was burglarized, I decided to be more safety conscious. But my measly front-door lock wasn’t going to stop anyone, so I hung this sign outside: "Nancy, don’t come in. The snake is loose. Mom."

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What did the magician say when he made the rabbit disappear?

Hare today, gone tomorrow!

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What do you call an Egyptian back specialist?

A Cairo-practor!

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