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In curling, there is a certain mystique about the pebble on the ice. Without it, rocks will not slide or curl. Another curling fact is that the cold air tends to make player's noses run, so much so that there is usually facial tissue ant both ends of the rink.

Two seasoned curlers were having an argument. The first said that nose drippings ruined the ice. The second contended that they just added to or improved the pebble. They decided to have the icemaker settle the matter.

The second curler, hoping to sway the ice technician asked a loaded question, "I understand that nose drippings just add to and even improve the curl. Is that true?"

The icemaker was a man of few words and quickly replied, "'Snot true."

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Judge: “Why did you steal the car?”

Man: “I had to get to work.”

Judge: “Why didn’t you take the bus?”

Man: "I don’t have a driver’s license for the bus."

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Secretary: "Congratulations for being elected as the new chairperson for our party!"

Party Chairman: "Thank you! But what is this noise on the streets?"

Secretary: "Sir, party members are celebrating on you becoming the new party chairman."

Chairman: "Please ask them to stop. I don't want any kind of show off from our party men."

Secretary: "Sir, they are not from our party. They belong to the opposition."

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Why did the cat go for a walk on the beach at night on Christmas eve?

He wanted to get sandy claw.

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