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She texted me: Your adorable!

I replied: No. You're adorable!

Now she likes me a lot. All I did was point out her typo.

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What do you call a number of mechanics?

A clutch!

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The African chieftain was so religious that when he ascended to power, he forbade the killing of animals.

Not long after that the lion and cheetah population began to get out of hand. Starving in the wild, they began feeding on humans. Before long, even the antelope and zebra were so plentiful that they began nibbling on natives.

The terrified populace petitioned their leader to rescind his edict. He refused. Thus, they had no choice but to overthrow the chief.

Not only was the revolt successful, it was the first time in history that a reign was called on account of game.

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Husband: What's your fee for getting a divorce?

Lawyer: $800

Husband: But you charged only $300 for my marriage license a few years ago!

Lawyer: Freedom is always expensive.

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