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"This little computer," said the sales clerk, "will do half of your job for you."

Studying the machine, the senior VP said, "Fine. I'll take two."

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Who cleans the ocean floor?

A Mer-Maid.

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Did you hear there's a new Prozac virus out?

It screws up your RAM but your processor doesn't care.

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Husband: You brought home donuts. I thought we agreed, no sweets, while you were on your diet.

Wife: I know it but the Lord wanted me to have them.

Husband: How do you know the Lord wanted you to have them?

Wife: As I was approaching the donut shop I said to the Lord, "If it's your will for me to have donuts, let there be a parking space open right in front of the shop".

Husband: So I suppose there was an open parking space?

Wife: Absolutely! The eighth time around the block there it was.

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