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I opened an Air BnB at the corner of a busy intersection.

There were three businesses at the other corners: a gastroenterologist, a diarrhea clinic, and a spa that did colonics.

I decided to call my Air BnB: "The House at Poo Corners"

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Two guys walk into a bar and sit down to eat their lunches.

Then the bartender says, ”Sorry, but you can’t eat your own food in here.”

So the two guys look at each other and swap lunches.

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I was working in my downtown flower shop, when I noticed a man grab a bouquet and head for the door without paying.

By the time I got to the door, he was halfway down the block.

As I ran after him, I heard a woman across the street yell, "Run, Florist, Run!"

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A surgeon, who had just gotten his suit back from the tailor shop, goes back to the shop and says, "My suit just fell apart!"

"Oh my!" the tailor replies. "Do you know how this could have happened?"

"I don't know," the surgeon replies. "It was fine until I took the stitches out."

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