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Willpower: The ability to eat only one salted peanut.

Experience: A comb life gives you after you lose your hair.

Vacation: A time when parents realize that teachers aren't paid enough.

Flashlight: A case for holding dead batteries.

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I once bought a wooden car, with a wooden engine, wooden doors, wooden wheels, and wooden seats.

I then put the wooden key in the wooden ignition.

It wooden start.

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Computer novices may feel like they're alone these days, but the following call to IBM's help center show there are plenty of people out there who still are inching onto the information superhighway.

After a caller gave a technician her PC's serial number, he scanned a database of registered users and responded, "I see you have an Aptiva" desktop unit.

Before he could say another word, the caller shrieked and said she'd be right back. When the customer returned, the technician asked if she was all right. The caller responded: "Had I realized you could see me, I never would have telephoned in my bathrobe."

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A visitor to the North Pole was given the grand tour of the place by Santa Claus.

The visitor suddenly exclaimed, "What a huge reindeer! But why doesn't it have any antlers?"

Santa replied, "Well, there are several reasons that a reindeer might not have antlers. Some reindeer get their antlers late, some reindeer have their antlers broken off in a fight and some reindeer never grow any antlers at all."

The tourist moved closer for a better look and asked, "What happened to this one?"

Santa replied, from fifty yards away, "He was born a horse."

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