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Today, I was in the bathroom at a popular coffee chain. Someone wrote "What Would Jesus Do?" on the wall.

Another person wrote directly underneath that, "Wash His hands..."

Then a third person added, "And your feet!"

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A man was watching TV and enjoying a beer. "Don't go," he yelled at the screen. "Do not enter that building. Walk away. Argh, you stupid man!"

His wife called from the kitchen, "What on earth are you watching?"

"Our wedding video."

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A starving artist was discussing his recent painting for a local museum.

"Was it hung?"

"Yes, near the entrance where everyone could see it."

"Congratulations! What was it?"

"A board saying, 'Keep to the left'..."

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There was a funeral in Ireland. The coffin was being carried into a large room in a house. There were plenty of empty chairs and lots of people standing around but nowhere to put the coffin down.

“Quickly”, cried the Undertaker, “three chairs for the corpse!”

“Hip, Hip, Hurray!” cried the crowd.

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