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Jane calls the doctor in a panic. "Doctor, doctor! My little Jimmy swallowed a dozen aspirin. What should I do?"

The doctor asked Jane, "Are you sure it was a dozen?"

The frantic mother says, "Absolutely! Doctor, I'm scared to death!"

The doctor tells the mother, "Calm down. Is little Jimmy crying?"

Jane says, "No."

"Is he sleeping?" asks the doctor.

"No," says Jimmy's mom.

The doctor goes on with routine questions, "Is his color funny?"

Again Jane says, "No."

"Did Jimmy throw up?" asks the methodical doctor.

"No," says the worried mom. "But I'm so scared. All that aspirin...shouldn't I do something?"

To which the doctor says, "Try giving him a headache."

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Daughter: Alexa, play Let It Go.

Dad: When I was your age, I had to call a radio station, wait on hold for 30 minutes to request a song, then sit by my boom box for an hour for my song to play with a blank cassette tape so I could record it.

Daughter: I don't understand any of that.

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What does "The Devil is in the details" mean?

It means the government just passed the budget.

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It was a very long and boring sermon.

As one parishioner left the church, he said: "Pastor, today your sermon reminded me of the peace and love of God."

The pastor was thrilled: "Really? Tell me why."

"Because it endured forever."

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