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The Sunday School teacher was asking why Little Johnny was late.

"I was going fishing but my father would not let me," replied Little Johnny.

"You are lucky to have a fine father like this. I am sure he explained to you why you should not go fishing on Sunday."

"Yes Ma'ma. He said there just was not enough bait for both of us to go."

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A man went to the doctor complaining of insomnia. The doctor gave him a thorough examination, found absolutely nothing physically wrong.

He told him, "Listen, if you ever expect to cure your insomnia, you just have to stop taking your troubles to bed with you."

"I know," said the man, "but I can't. My wife refuses to sleep alone."

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Whoever stole my anti depressants...

I hope you’re happy now!

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Little Johnny: That knife-throwing act was terrible. I want my money back.

Carnival Owner: What was the matter with it?

Little Johnny: Call that a knife thrower? He got ten chances and he didn’t even hit that girl once!

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